From New York Times bestselling author and winner of the Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction, a pulse-pounding thriller that lands Miami attorney Jack Swyteck in the heart of the contentious immigration debate, as Jack takes on the case of an undocumented immigrant who fled to America to protect her daughter and save herself.

When Julia Rodriguez and her teenage daughter, Beatriz, fled El Salvador, they escaped bloodthirsty gangs, random violence, and Julia&;s abusive husband. Life in Miami is hard, but safer&;until Julia rejects her boss&;s unwanted sexual advances. Suddenly, because of an &;anonymous&; tip to U.S. immigration authorities, she is arrested, detained, and slated for deportation. Julia&;s only chance is for Jack to win asylum for his client. In a case where the stakes have never been higher, Jack Sywteck may not be able to save his client&;even if he wins her case. - (HARPERCOLL)